Gintama 666

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We made it to the spooky number 666!

This week we got a bit delayed because of issues with raws. We ended up using the digital raws for this chapter that come out on Sunday, rather than the physical raws we usually use. Should be back to normal next week.

Still working on Innocent. Hopefully that gets done soon. The next HQ JoJolion volume should be done pretty soon too. Reminder, there’s no new chapter this month.

Right now I’m in the process of getting the remainder of 81diver done. Getting a little done whenever I have time. I’ve got about 95 chapters left. I’m hoping we can get the rest of the series out this year, maybe. And then I’ll have time to try some new project.

Gintama 666
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  1. Thank you! And may I ask a question. I’m a bit curious: why don’t you use the digital Raws? They should be easier to clean, right?

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