81diver Volume 22

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Okay, it’s been a couple months since the last 81diver volume, but here we are with this one, V22. A couple more of the battles of the big huge tournament that’s going on are in this volume.
I’m trying to finish translating the series sometime soon so I can start working on something else while high8sky makes her way through the rest of the series. I’ll probably help clean/typeset a bit too.
We’re finishing up Innocent Rouge V7 so expect that done sometime in the near future. Hopefully I’ll have time to get more Takeshi done soon too.

81diver Volume 22 ch223-232
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3 thoughts on “81diver Volume 22

  1. Thanks for the new volume!

    Poor Chicchi’s teeth.

    Lot’s of Tanio background being built up. I’m curious what the origin is of the Kishoukai’s beef with pro shougi. It’s not clear yet if that’s something that comes from Tanio himself; if it is, I wonder how the manga will portray it.

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