Gintama 670

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This goddamned manga’s never gonna end is it?

Jump came out early this week.
MangaDex’s uploads are down I’ll add it there when it’s back up.

Gintama 670
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10 thoughts on “Gintama 670

  1. WTF am I reading? What’s going on? Rhetorical questions of course but I haven’t felt this weird for a long time :D. Chapter is hilarious nonetheless.

  2. [Spoiler]
    Oh man… Hasegawa pulled a mr. Satan! (though it makes me mad about Hatsu)… But why Kondou can´t? What a way to show that Gengai even got it worse…This up in the story and the Gorilla (Sorachi-sensei) can´t write about a Gorilla (Kondou) making a Gorilla (Otae) happy? For a head cannon I’m pretty much considering the photo a montage…

    Who I think I’m fooling? The serious lack of Kyubei and Shinpachi being chill about it were enough indicators… I felt line, hook and sink hopping for something normal… Damn Red Herring…

    So just let me put that salt away cause these were probably all jabs at how Naruto and Bleach ended anyway (probably ever Shounen Manga these days? Less used than the “Our journey begins from here” maybe?)… Don´t let me forget that this is the Gintama I know and love…

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    mr. Poneis

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