Zankyou Volume 1

Hey everybody. Who’s up for something dark and depressing? I sure hope you are.

Here’s the first volume of a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while now called Zankyou, meaning “Reverberation”.
It’s by Takahashi Tsutomu, an author known for his gritty dark art style with heavy use of pen-brush and macabre themes (Though some of his stuff is kinda lighthearted). He’s done a pretty large number of series over the years. Generally they’re all stories meant to be not too long, usually 7 volumes or less. But he’s done a lot. He’s mostly well known for the Skyhigh series, Jiraishin, and Sidooh.
One of his series, I translated a few years back called Hito Hitori Futari, which was scanlated by Illuminati-Manga. Which I also recommend. Though this series is a lot more grim.

Zankyou is pretty light on text and it’s only 3 volumes long (It ran in Big Comic Superior from 2015-2016), so I don’t expect this to be a big project. I’ve wanted to do it for a while but only had time recently.
It’s worth it to jump into it without knowing too much. But it is aimed at adults. It’s an existentialist kind of story about a young man trying to change the path he’s on.

This is the first volume, and hopefully the other 2 won’t take too long. I was gonna do it all myself but thanks a bunch to Bracketier, Huldra, and JoeAbandonedMine for volunteering to help out with it.

Zankyou Volume 1 (Chapters 1-5)
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Online Reader (Batoto)