Gintama 680

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This is a good manga.

Ok so turns out we got THIS week’s chapter a week early, so there will be a week off NEXT week.

Gintama 680
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9 thoughts on “Gintama 680

  1. It’s always a good manga when the story become much serious.
    I don’t know when this will be end. Should it? XD hahaha
    Thank you for translate it 🙂

  2. I’m confused Why it was a week earlier? This is supposed to be this week’s ch ( coz they released online edition first before publishing it)but we won’t get next week right haha thanks for hardwork

    • Golden Week, a week of holidays in Japan, is this upcoming week, April 30th to May 4th. During that week, there’s no Jump released every year, the mangaka and editors all have the week off. But keep in mind, the actual Jump issues are finished a few weeks in advance. Usually, we get the chapters for Gintama a few days early than the official street date, and release them on Friday/Saturday. They officially come out on the following Monday each week. This issue of Jump (For this chapter we just released) isn’t officially out until May 7th, the Monday after Golden Week ends. The early sources got it BEFORE Golden week though, rather than get it during Golden Week so it’s a few days early or after Golden Week ends like the official release date.

      So that means the “week off” for Golden week is pushed one week later, because we got the issue that’s supposed to come out AFTER the “week off” early. I hope that makes sense? It’s kinda hard to describe. Basically there’s one week with no Jump being published, and we got the one that’s supposed to come out after the break early, so next week we’re off.

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