Chingiri (One-Shot by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi)

Hey everybody. Today we’ve got a weird thing. This is a one-shot recently published in Shounen Jump called “Chingiri” by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi, author of Toriko.
This ran in issue 2017-21-22, from the end of April. Glad we’ve finally got this done, it took a while to find people free to do this because it’s not a regular project.
It’s pretty short, only 19 pages long. Most one shots are usually longer. But anyhow, it’s pretty fun. Though part of the central conceit of the story is it uses really obscure Japanese phrases the audience is MAYBE not supposed to have heard of/understand, so I ended up having to put in a lot of notes.

Shimabukuro-sensei ALSO had ANOTHER one-shot published in Saikyou Jump last month, and we’re working on that as well. Though that one is longer and a lot wordier so it’s taking me a while to find time to translate most of it. I’m gonna try to get to that soon. But other projects and real-life stuff are making it hard to find time for everything, as they often do.
They also announced Shimabukuro-sensei will have yet ANOTHER one-shot appearing this autumn in Grand Jump. So we’ve got that to look forward to as well. Plus I wanna keep getting more Takeshi done, so there’s no shortage of stuff to work on and eventually read.

Shimabukuro-sensei actually does a LOT of one-shots. They published a book of a few one-shots he did back before Toriko came out (And Toriko itself had 2 one-shots). I dunno if there’s any interest in us working on this, I don’t think any of them are gonna become a series at this point, but who knows (Toriko had one one-shot in 2002 before another one a few years later, and then it got serialized in 2008). If you guys WOULD like to see us work on that book, let me know.
Some more info here.
For now I’m going back to working on the Jojo novel The Book, which I’m hoping I can finish relatively soon. Like in a month or so.

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Gintama 633

That silver mane was searching for a place to call home,
tracing those memories it could never return to.

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Aaand we’re back with more Gintama.
Jump came out a bit early this week, as it sometimes does after a week off.
I hope you all like Japanese idioms and Dragon Quest III references. I know I sure love scratching my head trying to translate them.

Gintama 633
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Website Issues

Hi, we had issues with the previous website host and needed to transfer to a new one. Unfortunately that means a lot of visual stuff was lost, so I’ll need to set that up again. I’ll need to reupload images and that sort of thing. I didn’t have backups of everything (Everything that’s not manga. I have multiple backups of all that).

The website itself isn’t actually that important though, it’s just where we release stuff. So don’t worry about it.

Edit: All the downloads pages should be working and all the images should be restored. Though a lot of the old news posts won’t have images anymore because that’s kind of not worth the effort. Let me know if something breaks. Ok, well now that’s done I’ll be going back to translating Takeshi and The Book.