Q: What is this place?
A: It’s a website for the scanlation group Hi Wa Mata Noboru. This translates from Japanese as “The Sun Will Rise Again”. It’s named after the DOES song (It’s good. Go listen to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x-wx5DOL4s ). It’s also the title of chapter 94 of Gintama and it’s also the Japanese title of the Hemmingway book “The Sun Also Rises”. Starting in February 2010, we’re dedicated to releasing good quality scanlations of under-appreciated series. Or series we feel should be scanlated that aren’t getting done.

Q: What projects do you guys do?
A: Right now we’re working on Toriko and Gintama on a weekly basis, JoJolion on a monthly basis, and probably a bunch of other stuff depending on when you’re reading this. Though if we get more staff we may do more, if possible. More info on the Projects page.
We hope you’ll support the authors and creators of the works we release by buying them when they’re available in a language you understand them or region where you can purchase them.

Q: Can I help you guys, or work on a joint project?
A: New staff is always helpful, and it allows us to work on understaffed projects. If it’s possible to do and the people in our group are willing, we might start a new series. To discuss it with me, contact me at Kewl0210@gmail.com

Q: Will you pick up *insert some manga here*?
A: Sorry, no. We’re already doing too much at the moment, probably. And I generally have plans for something I’m going to do once one thing or another ends, or when my schedule frees up. Our staff isn’t huge and we usually have fewer people than we’d like working on each project because getting dedicated staff is difficult as is managing staff you already have on top of doing the actual scanlating work. We’re not trying to pick anything else up generally.

46 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Thank all of you for working hard on my favorite manga of recent, Toriko. I await eagerly each and every week to read your amazing efforts, I hope you continue to scanlate great series. BTW anyone ever noticed the influences of Yoshihiro Togashi (Yu Yu Hakusho and HunterXHunter) in Mitsutoshi’s work?

  2. Thanks so much for translating Toriko, which i enjoy every week, as well as translating Gintama which has given me SO MANY hours of entertainment.

    I noticed that there hasn’t been too many new Gintama chapters out lately. Is there a reason as to why this is happening? I miss the manga so much…

  3. Omg. I love you guys. I couldn’t find Gintama scanlations anywhere until I found this place (nevermind the gap), but I will definitely donate when I get money (like in January ^^;)

  4. i never new where the scanlations I was reading from mangareader came until now…

    You rock guys. thanks a lot for your work, it’s inmensely appreciated!

  5. thanks a lot for scanlating Gintama. It is odd that such a funny manga is often ignored by a lot of scanlators despite it being such a good manga. Well in a way I can understand why they wouldn’t. Gintama has a lot of dialogue and a lot a puns which would make any translator or typesetter go crazy. Even though I understand why people wouldn’t scanlate Gintama, that just means that you guys are awesome are that more awesome for doing so. Viz won’t even publish gintama anymore so you are my only source for the funniest manga on earth.

  6. Not sure if I should post this here… meh.
    I can’t see any of the Doubutsu no Kuni pages. Maybe it’s just me but I thought I should share.

  7. Thank you for all of your effort to make HQ scanlation
    I definitely cry if I haven’t read gintama and onther manga TT^TT
    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

  8. Is anyone else having problems finding gintama 361-371? Would you guys put them up?
    I love your work, particularly gintama by the way.

  9. I know you said it gets done and I know it takes time, but I’m waiting for what feels like years for the missing Gintama chapters…
    And I really want to read the manga BEFORE I watch the anime, and I don’t do skipping chapters, so I can’t even read your weekly releases!

    So please, can you give a vague estimation of when it will be finished?

  10. Hi, I want to ask you something, are you going to scanlated toriko chapter 8 to 77?
    And one more thing, are you going to put up a whole volume link download?
    That’s all, thank you for all the chapter of toriko :)

    • We’re going to try to at some point. We’d like to do volume scanlations for the whole series. But we lack cleaners to do it at the moment. I’m focusing on other stuff. I’d need to scan all the volumes, too.

    • Probably.
      Noting Kewls MH translation policy: “As long as you don’t use reserved translations in the language I translate them in, unless you’re the group it’s reserved for, I don’t care what you do with my translations.”

  11. Thank you very much for Gintama and Toriko~ They are two of my favorite series. :3
    I was wondering, do you guys plan or interested in ever working on the spin off 3-Z Class’s Ginpachi-sensei?

  12. are you guys gonna finish scanlating gintama 361-371 anytime soon? Last i heard news was like back in August so I was wondering if that was getting done.

      • Rufi’s translations have a lot of errors in them, which is why I have to translate them. I sometimes reference his for characterization and stylization ideas but most of the time I don’t have time to do that, recently. We have our own raws. I work on this when I have time, but the chapters in that volume are some of the densest in the whole series and doing just one chapter takes a very long time. Like 8+ hours. So I’ve been doing one chapter every once in a while when I have time, but I do 4 or more projects on a weekly basis and it’s hard to find motivation to do that when I could do a whole lot of just about any other project in the same amount of time.. I’m going to finish it soon, I’m gonna try to do it this month after I finish two other shorter projects. That also includes all the extras in V42 and 43 (Because we need to do the first chapter of V43 as well).

  13. Hi,

    i still wondering when will gintama chapter 361 – 371 done :(
    hope to read those chapters soon..

    btw thanks for your hard work !


  14. I have a question, where did you find this picture of the sun for your main page ?
    It’s just after seeing Mikakunin (Engaged to the unknown) i was wondering where you and the anime did get this kind of design for the sun.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply =). I really like this picture and was somehow shocked it too in the opening of the anime ^^ so i became curious.

  15. Hello guys.
    I really love your work, specially in Jojolion. keep doing this :D.
    Btw, there is some mistake in the chapter 302 of Toriko page 6.
    It says ‘Zero Mountain RAINGE’, hope you can fix it
    Thanks for all those chapters guys.

  16. Hey guys keep up the good work! Just wanted to let you know on your JoJolion downloads that the link for chapter 18 actually links to chapter 17 again, so there is no chapter 18.

  17. i just want to thank you for the translated scanlations of good mangas! keep up the good works guys!

    * btw ~The Sun Will Rise Again~ is my favorite scanlation group!

  18. Hi, I write to ask you if I can use your translations from “Doubutsu no Kuni”, I want to translate Doubutsu no Kuni to spanish, of course I will give you the credits for your work, please. Thank you.

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