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36 responses

23 09 2011

why not focus on gintama? i’ve been waiting new chapter for ages!

17 10 2011
Evu-an Kagomēkā

I think that you guys do a great job at scanlating
Keep up the good work!

31 10 2011

thanks for all the chapters of gintama… but that about the chapters after ch 343?

7 11 2011

thx for updating gintama you rock!!!!

7 11 2011

yeah thanks for the gintama work

5 12 2011

i reaaaaaallly love ur work :D
Gintama is my favorite :D

15 12 2011

Something happen to the Online Reader?

19 12 2011

You guys are doing a good job.These two mangas are awesome.

19 01 2012

thanks guys for toriko

28 01 2012

gintama 365-370 baragaki arc…..that arcs looks interesting but suddenly the chapters jump to 380+ :(

20 03 2012

Thanks for all your hard work! I ADORE GINTAMA!!!! I’m so glad you guys are working on this awesome series!!!! I can’t wait for the ‘lost’ chapters (360-370) XDD Keep up the fantastic work!

7 04 2012

Thanks for the Gintama chapters :)

28 04 2012
frank the tank

Thanks for all the hard work you put into Toriko. You do a great job, every time.

26 05 2012

hello ^^
i have Request to hiwamatanoboru Translators
the Request is:

I want the translators to translate giant killing manga
it’s good manga
It’ve got a thirteenth place in the Japanese manga sales order
it has a team Translates this manga
but that team is very very Slow
so i want from hiwamatanoboru Translators to translat this manga
and this manga it has more than 200 chapter
the cahpters Translates is (1-75 ) & (84-119 )
sorry for gramar
sorry for a gramars because i’am arabian ^^

8 06 2012

We probably won’t be picking this up. We’re still trying to catch up with Gintama, after which, if I remember correctly, Kewl said he already has a few series he plans to translate.
Also, the group already scanlating it seems far behind, but not really slow.

5 06 2012

hello, are you translating volume 42 of gintama? i can’t seem to find it anywhere…thanks :)

8 06 2012

…I should really get back to cleaning that…

23 07 2012

wish Toriko volumes 2 – 9 would be available for download

27 07 2012

hey guys first of all thank you for your hard work and i have a question apparently shima add new page to some chapters in the volumens so my question is you are going to remake the chapters whit the new page or are going to let them like that?

28 07 2012

It doesn’t happen much, but as we go through volume scanlations of Toriko, we’ll do those.

28 07 2012

eh? so you guys are going to do all toriko volumens?

22 08 2012

I just wanna say that you guys are baller as hell for scanlating Toriko. MUCH THANKS MY FRIENDS!!!

1 09 2012

i really like your work for the translation and all that but what about gintama chapters 361-371??? i want to read those friggin CHAPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work…

12 12 2012

I love the Gintama scanlating. Thanks so much!!

21 02 2013

Hi, I love your Gintama scanlations, they are soooooooooooo good!! Are you planning on doing volume 42 sometime? Thanks!

14 03 2013

thanks for the toriko scans!!

30 06 2013

nice job. does anyone know why v. 42 is the only one that is nowhere to be found? do i have to search the deep web or something..

2 07 2013

They are slowly doing it.
Last update I remember seeing about it stated they were about 50% done on it if I remember right. It was posted in one of the many Gintama chapter releases. Don’t remember which one exactly.

1 09 2013


5 12 2013

how about gintama vol 42 already

27 01 2014
Yukiyo Hibiki (arch nezumi)

Greetings! Is this group on hiatus? I really appreciate your work, and I’m not trying to pressure you guys at all.. But you’re the only group that I’ve found, who has mentioned Gintama Vol.42 lol

I’ve never scanlated anything before in my life lol But I’d be more than willing to learn, and help out if I can :) I have nothing but time… What I don’t have is Photoshop, but I do have The GIMP (if that matters) ^.^

Hope to see more releases from you guys!!

v^.< Matane!

28 01 2014

I’m still working on V42. I’m gonna do the rest once I finish two other shorter things over the course of the next month. And thanks for the offer, but I barely have the time/energy to manage the people we have, I can’t train someone who doesn’t have experience. There are plenty of cleaning tutorials out there for volumes and magazine issues if you wanna learn on your own though.

28 01 2014
Yukiyo Hibiki (arch nezumi)

Ah okay :) Thanks for the update

28 01 2014
Yukiyo Hibiki (arch nezumi)

(reply continued…) I completely understand :) I knew it would be a long shot lol But thanks for the tips! I may have to do some tutorial research ;) And on that note, would you be able to recommend a decent site to get RAW’s?

Keep up the amazing work! :D Matane~ v^.<

29 01 2014

This site is good for raws I guess: and this one We get our own private raws for our scans, but it’s the same basic idea.

12 02 2014

I was just wondering but do you guys have any source of income? Like do you get money per view or per download like say at Batoto or on here? I haven’t downloaded anything but if you guys get income from it I’d gladly do so.

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