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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 8 – JoJolion

Monthly Magazine Chapters
and Sporadic Volumes
JoJolion Baka-Updates Page
Innocent & Innocent Rouge

Sporadic Volumes (as they come out in Japan every few months). Innocent Rouge is the continuation/sequel to Innocent.
Innocent Baka-Updates Page
Innocent Rouge Baka-Updates Page
3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion)
3-Gatsu no Lion

Sporadic Volumes (as they come out in Japan, around one a year, usually in Autumn)
3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion) Baka-Updates Page

Sporadic Volumes
81diver Baka-Updates Page
Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi!
Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi!

Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! Baka-Updates Page
Sensei no Shiroi Uso
Sensei no Shiroi Uso

Sporadic Volumes/Chapters
Sensei no Shiroi Uso Baka-Updates Page
Neko ga Nishi Mukya
Neko ga Nishi Mukya

Neko ga Nishi Mukya Baka-Updates Page


Doubutsu no Kuni
Doubutsu no Kuni

Doubutsu no Kuni Baka-Updates Page

Ring Baka-Updates Page

Weekly Magazine Chapters
and Sporadic Volumes
Toriko Baka-Updates Page

Sporadic Volumes
Zankyou Baka-Updates Page


Inumaru Dashi Baka-Updates Page

69 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Thanks for all your hard work! I ADORE GINTAMA!!!! I’m so glad you guys are working on this awesome series!!!! I can’t wait for the ‘lost’ chapters (360-370) XDD Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. hello ^^
    i have Request to hiwamatanoboru Translators
    the Request is:

    I want the translators to translate giant killing manga
    it’s good manga
    It’ve got a thirteenth place in the Japanese manga sales order
    it has a team Translates this manga
    but that team is very very Slow
    so i want from hiwamatanoboru Translators to translat this manga
    and this manga it has more than 200 chapter
    the cahpters Translates is (1-75 ) & (84-119 )
    sorry for gramar
    sorry for a gramars because i’am arabian ^^

    • We probably won’t be picking this up. We’re still trying to catch up with Gintama, after which, if I remember correctly, Kewl said he already has a few series he plans to translate.
      Also, the group already scanlating it seems far behind, but not really slow.

  3. hey guys first of all thank you for your hard work and i have a question apparently shima add new page to some chapters in the volumens so my question is you are going to remake the chapters whit the new page or are going to let them like that?

  4. i really like your work for the translation and all that but what about gintama chapters 361-371??? i want to read those friggin CHAPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work…

  5. nice job. does anyone know why v. 42 is the only one that is nowhere to be found? do i have to search the deep web or something..

  6. @orly
    They are slowly doing it.
    Last update I remember seeing about it stated they were about 50% done on it if I remember right. It was posted in one of the many Gintama chapter releases. Don’t remember which one exactly.

  7. Greetings! Is this group on hiatus? I really appreciate your work, and I’m not trying to pressure you guys at all.. But you’re the only group that I’ve found, who has mentioned Gintama Vol.42 lol

    I’ve never scanlated anything before in my life lol But I’d be more than willing to learn, and help out if I can 🙂 I have nothing but time… What I don’t have is Photoshop, but I do have The GIMP (if that matters) ^.^

    Hope to see more releases from you guys!!

    v^.< Matane!

    • I’m still working on V42. I’m gonna do the rest once I finish two other shorter things over the course of the next month. And thanks for the offer, but I barely have the time/energy to manage the people we have, I can’t train someone who doesn’t have experience. There are plenty of cleaning tutorials out there for volumes and magazine issues if you wanna learn on your own though.

  8. (reply continued…) I completely understand 🙂 I knew it would be a long shot lol But thanks for the tips! I may have to do some tutorial research 😉 And on that note, would you be able to recommend a decent site to get RAW’s?

    Keep up the amazing work! 😀 Matane~ v^.<

  9. I was just wondering but do you guys have any source of income? Like do you get money per view or per download like say at Batoto or on here? I haven’t downloaded anything but if you guys get income from it I’d gladly do so.

  10. Any chance of you guys translating the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan comic that was released on september instead of Jojolion?
    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work with Jojo!

    • I actually don’t think I wanna work on that series anymore. I’ve kinda moved on to other stuff, even if it is a pretty good series, there’s too many other things I’d rather work on. I should probably take that off of there.

  11. Hey man love your work you guys are great! but are you guys on hiatus when it comes to jojo? I haven’t known you guys to be late with this kind of thing so I figured I’d ask. Sorry if i’m just being impatient but beetle tendencies is just too good.

  12. Thank you sooooooo much for translating Innocent! There weren’t any translations for a whole year and I thought it would never get picked up again and I was so sad. You guys have my undying love and thanks. If you ever need raws they have a bunch of volumes as well as the first sequel volume at a Japanese bookstore near me. Thanks again ever so much <33333

  13. I loved Innocent so much and was so sad that the past scanlator closed. So, I’m just grateful to you, guys, for doing this project. Merci!!
    I have the japanese scan of Innocent up to the vol.9, if you need it. (I searched so much for translators, and just could find the japanese raw). Just in case.

    Thank you again. m( _ _ )m

  14. I won’t ever be able to thank you enough for working on Innocent!! I searched for a place to leave my thanks and found your website. I love this manga, thank you so much for your hard work!! It’s very much appreciated!! I bought the books but of course they’re in Japanese. Thank you for using your skills and free time absolutely for free to let us read the work of Sakamoto Shinichi in a language we understand!! Your translation is more than excellent!!

  15. You guys are really awesome! As a typesetter and a redrawer in Chinese scanlation group, I truly appreciate your effort you put in “Innocent” and “Innocent Rouge”. The difficulty of cleaning and redrawing for the English version surely doubled (or tripled?) since the original text is oriented vertically. Thank you guys! Also the translator must be good at French history haha

  16. Hi guys, my name is João Vitor and im a brazilian reader.
    I want to know when you guys intend to make the translation of the latest chapters of sangatsu, want to know cause i got really addicted to the serie XD
    Thanks for the effor anyway

    • Yes, when the new volume comes out, most likely in October. Though it’ll take some time after it comes out before we can get it released.

      • Oooh me preguntaba lo mismo *w*, I´m Mexican and I love your job, well my english is not good when I write it, but I understand when I read it XD….I hope the volume comes out soon, I miss it T.T… Regards ^3^

  17. Good afternoon. Thank you for your hard work.
    Are there some news about Build King by Shimabukuro? It’s seems very enthusiastic.

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