Gintama 310 Release

And now finally we’re able to get a chapter of Gintama done.
Our current plan is to start at 310 and work forwards until the current chapter and continue week by week. Then perhaps go back a bit and do volume releases starting at V34. This all depends on how much help we get, because at the moment it’s pretty much just me doing the whole scanlation process, and we really need help because I’ve got enough on my plate as it is. There’s simply no way to get this series out with any regularity in our current situation. We need people to help clean, and typeset, and people at least experienced enough to get it at the level we’ve been releasing at. If you want to volunteer, email me at
, thank you very much to anyone who does.

Gintama 310:
Direct Download

Also I registered the domain, so it’s now. Though the old wordpress URL will redirect.

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