Jobs: Admin, Translating, Typsetting, Raw Providing (Volumes)
Projects: Everything

Bomber D Rufi

Jobs: Translation
Projects: Gintama


Jobs: Distro
Projects: Everything


Jobs: Cleaning, Typesetting
Projects: Gintama, Toriko

Kyou Kai

Jobs: Cleaning
Projects: Toriko


Jobs: Redrawing
Projects: Toriko


Jobs: Cleaning, Typesetting
Projects: Doubutsu no Kuni, Ring, Innocent


Jobs: Typesetting
Projects: Toriko, Innocent


Jobs: Cleaning, Typesetting
Projects: Jojolion


Jobs: Typesetting
Projects: Jojolion, Innocent


Jobs: Proofreading
Projects: JoJolion

Jack Ladd

Jobs: Cleaning, Redrawing
Projects: JoJolion

Alex Cordova

Jobs: Cleaning, Redrawing
Projects: JoJolion

moofin moofin

Jobs: Cleaning, Redrawing
Projects: JoJolion


Jobs: Proofreading
Projects: JoJolion, Innocent, Zankyou

Jan Jonshua

Jobs: Cleaning, Typesetting, Redrawing
Projects: JoJolion


Jobs: Cleaning, Typesetting
Projects: Zankyou

To apply for a position and join the team, email
You can volunteer to help out an existing project, or if we get enough people to handle it, we can pick up new projects. Regarding new projects, those are generally only in the situation where I just need to translate and others do the rest of the jobs, because my schedule is (usually) fairly full and managing volunteer groups is a pretty big job and can get stressful. Be prepared to take a short qualifications test when you apply, but there’s no need to be really formal about it. We try to have fun with this, seeing as it’s a hobby, but if other people are going to be spending a large portion of their free time on a regular basis to see scanlations to completion, we hope you’ll be willing to do that as well.

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  1. Hi, i would really like to help out because i just love manga so much and would like to give back to manga itself! I’m kinda new and i dont understand whats cleaning. but im willing to help with my all!

  2. Hi,
    I would like to help with cleaning. I have no experience in cleaning, but I can use Photoshop.
    I’m french, so I might make some mistakes in my sentences, please be indulgent :).

    Well, I’m not sure I could handle correctly the job, but if you need cleaners, I could try to help.
    Best Regards

  3. This is terrible I just found out that Gintama’s v20 chapter 169 and v21-22 183-186 isn’t scanlated. Did you people know about this? If not can you please translate it please?

  4. doing a fantastic job on cleaning n translating gintama… when do u guys take a break from these like a vacation or week off??? LOL hope u guys hve good health!!
    btw cn u do sket dance, if not increasing ur work load????

  5. Great work to all of you! I love Gintama and i can imagine it would be quiet difficult to translate it and you guys do it really good! Keep up the great work!

  6. Hey guys, I dunno if this is the proper place to contact you, but I was wondering if you guys were interested in scanlating Gintama’s missing 42nd volume? Chapters 361-371 don’t seem to be anywhere but I found the raws and the translations by Bomber D Rufi. I’m kinda an amateur at this stuff so I thought I’d ask here first.

    • Yeah, I’m working on it. Basically I can only do it occasionally when I have time. Usually I’m only able to get the weekly new Gintama chapters done just a little before the new ones come out. I work on a lot of projects and doing just one of those 11 chapters can take something like 8 hours of intense work. We’re slowly making our way through it though. Rufi’s translations aren’t at a level where we can use them, so I basically have to retranslate everything myself, and this is a very difficult manga to do. Then it needs to be typeset and stuff. I also have a bunch of other weekly and long-term projects that I can universally get a lot more done faster and with less effort. So I often need to prioritize that so more things I’m working on get done and don’t get so far behind. There’s about 4 chapters left now so I’ve been really trying to get through it recently.

      • Oh I’m glad to hear it’s being worked on! I’m relieved that it’s being taken care of because a lot of my friends have started getting into Gintama. 🙂

        Thank you and good luck!

  7. Thank you so much for translating and releasing Doubutsu no Kuni. It is awesome! As someone who read zatch bell (my favorite title trans) I really enjoy reading makoto sensei’s work. Thank you so much!!!!
    Ps. Let me know if I can donate to help and how:)

  8. Hi, I love the scanlation works you do with Toriko, Gintama, and Jojolion, excellent work. Btw, i was wondering if you be interested in working two other Jump manga series you guys can scanlate; Iron Knight and Hachi (by Nishi Yoshiyuki, mangaka of Muhyo to Rouji). So far, there’s been 12 chapters scanlated for Iron knight (last updated june 2014) and 5 chapters for hachi (updated november 2013). It would be nice if you could do this for me and all other readers of it. Their stories are very vivid.

  9. Hi!! I owe my gratitude to you guys!! Im talking to you, Kewl0210, M-Hario, High8sky, Iruyily, and Yakushi Swiftgold ^_^ Thank you so much for translating the whole 6th volume of Innocent (Sakamoto Shinichi)!!! I have waited for more than a year for the 6th volume and I thought the scanlation group who were working on it dropped the manga, so I was surprised to see so much chapter updates on Innocent! Then I discovered that your scanlation group translated all these beautiful artwork and I was like ‘I have to tell them how greatfull I am’.

    You guys are my life saviours. Literally. The artwork on Innocent is breathtaking, and seeing that not much people know of the manga saddens me. So thank you for all the chapters you’ve blessed us with. All of you who contributed would probably not see this but I hope at least one of you (Kewl0210) who responds to fans often would. So yeah. Thank you.

    (Im sorry for being jealous but can you please try to post one chapter of Innocent every month? I dont want to wait for another whole year for updates! Like, seriously I’m so greedy please forgive my selfishness >~<. I don't want to impose or anything so you can just ignore this message desu. But pleaaaaseese don't give up of Innocent. Pretty please?

  10. Would it help you guys to have a proofreader? There would be someone to make sure your English translations are grammatically correct and potentially save you time and/or effort.

  11. Hi guys! Thank you so much for 3-Gatsu No Lion! I do hope the project has not been dropped though. Will be patiently waiting for the next volume. ?

  12. Hi Guys! Thanks so much for yours job!
    I’m a italian Gintama’s fan and with other guys we would like to translete Gintama. can we used yours scan? Of course we put yuor name for the credits. Thank you so much!

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