Toriko 107 Release

Hey everybody. This was delayed a bit because of some real-life problems Idol (our cleaner) had. Sorry about that. Next chapter should hopefully be out on time.

As for Gintama, we’re waiting on Bomber D Rufi to finalize the script after I edited the translation. He does all the final wording because it’s his original translation and it seems he hasn’t been online in a while. For now we’re just getting later chapters up to later stages, if he doesn’t come back for a long time I’ll just make my own entire-translation but he’ll probably come back soon, he usually does.


Toriko 107:
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9 thoughts on “Toriko 107 Release

  1. thanks for the release !! RL should always be a priority anyway, so i can understand the delay.. and i’m sure everyone who follow HWMN would say the same thing…

    keep up the great work guys !!

  2. Ohhh yeaaah! We all saw that coming (Referring to the footprint).

    That was a great chapter, showing that Komastu is just not any ol chef and Toriko definately needs him.

    Thanks for the hard work as usual guys, and Idol, hopes things are safe with you man.

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  4. Um just asking, if everyhing goes all right and there isn’t any trouble, how much time does it take from one release to another. im just asking so i know about what time i can check the page.

    By the way, great chapter. Komatsu is finally showing his skill in the trips.

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