Toriko 109 Release

Woo, here’s this. Our goal is to get these out on Friday but it’s hard when we don’t consistently get raws on the same day and things. But we’re working on that. Also, more Gintama should be done soon.

Edit: There was a typo I noticed that I fixed.

Living Thing

Toriko 109:
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11 thoughts on “Toriko 109 Release

  1. Thanks guys!

    [Spoilers Ahead, don’t read if you haven’t read the chapter, warned you thanks)

    Wow, there’s like so much info here! Like the creature that may of influenced the GT Robos, how it bit twice in amazing speed (And how the IGO President did so as well), the IGO Headquaters (That was amazing, how it looked like a tray of a prepared meal).

    And also some info about Acacia and his combo? First I heard about that.

    {End Spoilers]

    Looking forward to the next chapter guys! Keep it up!

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