Toriko 112 Release

Is absolutely everything: the animals, the plants, the rain, the air, all trying to kill you? You might be in the Gourmet World…

Gourmet World

Toriko 112:
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Next week there’s a “big announcement”… and I think we can all guess what that is. Or at least hope…

14 thoughts on “Toriko 112 Release

  1. thanks for the release…

    and yes, we can all guess what the “big announcement” will be… since the OVA is released waaaay back… there’s only one possibility left… XD

  2. Thanks guys!

    I feel sorry for Toriko: After all this crazy training he went through he’s still not all that just yet. I imagine he’ll develop some sort of immunity towards the harsh conditions of the gourmet world.

    I think we all know what the Big Announcement is….Terry getting his own spin off manga series!….Right?

  3. Not to complain, the chapters are great and it’s awesome that we’re finally getting Toriko within a decent time frame, but do you have to write spoilers in the description of every chapter release? I want to go in not knowing anything when I read a new chapter.

  4. Thanks for the new chapter and looking foward for the realization of the “big announcement”.

    simply hoping it won’t be done by pierrot

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