Toriko 114 Release

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This is pretty late. It’s because of a few things. First and foremost we didn’t get a raw until Wednesday, after that I had mid-terms and Idol was busy on Thursday.
Now that that’s done I’m gonna try to take some time and catch up with Gintama a bit. But we still really need help to get active cleaners/editors/whatever you wanna call it. We have one person but he’s fairly busy.
And just so you know, I AM trying to get Toriko scanlated using the HQ volume scans which I’m doing with my other group Anime-Destiny, but so far I’ve got no one cleaning that either. So that won’t be done until either I have enough free time to do it or someone who has the skill and time to do it volunteers.

Anyhow, enjoy this.

Toriko 114:
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14 thoughts on “Toriko 114 Release

  1. yaaay thank you!! 🙂

    I would very much like to help but my finals are coming, and it’ll only be finished until early December. will let you know when I can volunteer ^^

  2. yayyyy man new toriko! hell yeah!

    btw what kind of higher quality are you talking about kewl? the ones that you release are already damn good

  3. Thanks alot guys, doing a good job like always.

    And not sure what to say about this chapter, I mean it’s nice to see some more Toriko/Komatsu moments, but if Komatsu never broke his knife, maybe the new adventure wouldn’t of ever happened?

    R.I.P Komatsu’s knife, you will be dearly missed.

    Off to the Melk mountains we go!!!

  4. Hey, good job guys.

    Kewl, I’d like to suggest you something. When you’re translating the chapters, could you please add the romaji of the attacks, the animas and the ingredients?

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