Toriko 116 Release

Knives made of metal and knives made of… a hand.


Raw came out on Sunday, so it took till now to finish.
I’ll definitely tell you if we ever get some other source…

I’m really gonna try to get the work done to get Gintama chapters coming out at a decent rate soon. It’s just difficult because we only have one cleaner who’s busy with his own group, and can’t really work week-to-week on it. That, and it takes a long time to translate and then check everything. We could use more help on that from anyone who has experience.

Toriko 116:
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25 thoughts on “Toriko 116 Release

  1. Thanks for the release! I thought I would point out a few spelling/grammatical errors :X

    On page 03, it should say “I wonder how many years it has been…”

    On page 04, it should say “I was sure you would be this kind of person …”

    On page 10, it should say “I’ve heard about unskilled beginners using them and getting huge wounds, but…”

    On page 10, it should say “So all the raw materials that are provided are cosigned to you…?”

    On page 11, it should say “Hm… I don’t see that happening…”

    On page 15, it should say “Anyways, that seems to be something important to you.”

    • Didn’t mean to blow up your spot or anything. I just thought I’d point it out to you in the event you decided to re-release it.

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  3. cleaners clean the page from raw scanners. ever seen a raw scan? try get some from tokyotosho. some group release a tutorial on how to edit you should try to look for that. i think you do need some special tools aside from photoshop since you need to redraw some stuff being deleted because of japanese text unless you are really good with a mouse lol

  4. It’s not that hard, you can just use a mouse. Mostly you’d use the cloning tool rather than drawing stuff manually. And if you are drawing manually you’re usually used the pen tool.

  5. I wish I could help you but working 6 days a week restricts me. How about joining with Sleepy scans they do the big three and could help with your raw problems as well.

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