Quick Update

Just so you know, chapter 117 got delayed a little. One, because the raw didn’t come out till the following Wednesday, and two because Idol’s having problems with his computer. So sit tight a bit.
Toriko is on hiatus for the next issue of Jump, so we’re not behind otherwise. The next chapter (118)’s raw should show up around this weekend, the 12th-14th.

Also, with Gintama we’re gonna scanlate using the tankoubon, volume raw of V36. So it should make it a little easier to get things cleaned (since it’s higher quality and therefore needs less work on it) despite not having enough staff to get it done regularly at this point. At least until we finish all the chapters in the volume.


15 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Thanks for your continued hard work on this project! Are there any staffing positions open? I myself am capable of being an editor, I can read over scripts and edit for spelling and grammatical corrections, however, I am also able to read Chinese, but not Japanese unfortunately.

  2. Do not worry kind Sirs! And/Or Madams. We’ll stay by and wait as long as it takes for the next Toriko. When one waits for mind food of this quality there is no use in rushing.

  3. Thanks so much for the hard work that you put towards getting these out for us! We’ll wait as long as it takes. Quality over quantity and we know that you have lots of things going on besides this.

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