Toriko 117 Release

Woo, explanations!

Not Melk

Ok, so see the previous post regarding why this was delayed. And as I also mentioned there was no Toriko last week, so 118 should probably be done in a few days, once we get the raw of it. Idol’s computer I think is pretty much back to normal now, too.

Also there’s something I wanted to explain about this chapter. We don’t really know the gender of Melk, the real one or the one we’ve been introduced to, here. For now I’m using “he” for both, but there’s no gender specific word used by anyone besides Toriko and Komatsu whom are speculating.

Oh, also I’m trying to vary up the pictures for the logo on the credits page. I think they look pretty sharp.

Toriko 117:
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13 thoughts on “Toriko 117 Release

  1. pretty rare to see a female in this manga. its all super buff testosterone on fire kind of guys like the characters in the expendable. i doubt that 2nd melk is a female. more like bisho type of male.

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  3. Just recently I read Toriko
    At first, I thought it’s about cooking like cooking master boy, etc
    But actually this is an action manga
    I like the plot and fighting scenes
    Nice work and thanks for the release.

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