Toriko 119 Release

A mine filled with monsters, demons and serpents…


We’ve gotten a few people trying out for helping with Gintama. Thanks. No one’s actually worked out to the point of cleaning chapters yet though.
Uh, well, here’s this. We’re hoping we’ll be able to get an earlier raw provider, it’s still up in the air as to whether that will come through or not. Some people can’t communicate too well.

Toriko 119:
Direct Download

15 thoughts on “Toriko 119 Release

  1. I wonder what sort of amazing taste that hooved gravity-demon would have. I wonder if his missing teeth are the stardust grindstones!?

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  3. thanks the nice release.

    btw Mangastream have started with Toriko :/ are you guys going to work with them in the future or are you going to work seperatly?

  4. Boo on MS picking up Toriko (unless its a joint-release). Esp. when the releases here, are of good quality. I’d be up for them picking it up, but Hi wa matan oboru, is doing well with releases (1-2 weeks). I hope you guys will still stay with it.

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