Sorry for the delays guys. Me and the other staff have had finals and final projects this week and last week, or else people are busy with Christmas stuff. The next two Toriko chapters should be out in the next couple days. Once finals are over we should get back to normal. We got a raw provider that can at least get us Jump raws by Saturday, but we’re still looking for someone who can do so earlier each week.

Also we’re gonna be working on the daunting task of catching up on Gintama. We finally have every job filled with at least one person (some two) so once my schedule is freed up I’ll be working like crazy on it. We’ve already got a few chapters translation checked and cleaned. Thanks for your patience guys.

Also, Toriko’s finally had it’s TV anime announced.
Check it out.


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    Can someone translate the sub title for the second OVA?

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