Toriko 121-122 & Gintama 313 Release

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Ok, so now it’s time to play catchup. Toriko’s next chapter, 122, should be done soon. It’s got all the color pages and stuff about the TV anime being decided so it’s taking a while to clean.

Gintama, we now finally have enough staff members to actually complete chapters. Benii has joined to clean and Uber is helping me typset. Now for the daunting task of doing about 20 chapters we’re behind on and catch AAAAAAAAALL the way back up.
But I can do it because I’m totally obsessive. Several are already cleaned and translation checked. Then maybe I’ll go back and fill in that first gap between the 290-310 area, MAYBE. We’re using volume raws for now because… they’re better. Once we get up to the point where there are only the magazine raws we’re gonna use those.

But enjoy these. We’ll be working on getting more stuff out soon.
Oh, and there’s no Shounen Jump this week, nor one two weeks from now. So… maybe we’ll get more Gintama out those weeks than other weeks.

Toriko 121:
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Toriko 122:
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Gintama 313:
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19 thoughts on “Toriko 121-122 & Gintama 313 Release

  1. I’m happy to see that you guys are doing gintama. Thank you. Mangacurse is also translating Gintama so It wouldn’t be bad if you eve teamed up with them.

    • They aren’t translating Gintama. They’re taking Bomber D. Rufi’s unedited scripts (while they’re still full of errors) without permission. He’s part of our group and they’re supposed to be reserved for us.

  2. Thanks for chapter 313, but you guys seriously need to step your game up on Gintama. An idea would be to start from chapter 316 and up, considering the ones before are already scanlated.

    • What the like one or two other groups did were versions of scripts that weren’t edited and were full of errors. They also used translations without permission because they were reserved for our group.

      But don’t worry, we’ve already got 314 and 315 translation checked and cleaned they just need to be typset so they should be done in… theoretically a few days.

  3. Thank you for the releases! But yeah, I think catching up with current chapters first, and then going back to missed chapters later would be good.

  4. Wow forgot to type on here for awhile. Thanks as usual for the amazing work you guys do

    I’m really liking the cliffhanger they used, it seems like it’s getting close to the end of Toriko, personally but there’s so much to address in this rather epic cooking universe. Seeing this in Anime is gonna be the sweetest thing ever

  5. thank you for the toriko scans. I prefer this group’s scans to MangaStream’s so much that I’m 2 chapters behind, so my question is have you guys dropped it. If you haven’t dropped it then I’ll patiently wait for your excellent scans, instead of reading MangaStream’s.

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