Sorry for the delays guys.
Idol hasn’t been online in the last week and a half and we can’t clean Toriko without him. So Toriko’s delayed until he gets back. Don’t worry, he always does eventually. We’ll get caught up as soon as he gets back.
Several more Gintama chapters are in the works too.

Update: We got some people to fill in. The guys from Juin Jutsu Team told me Idol is having problems with his PC, as I expected. We should have the 3 Toriko chapters we’re behind on done pretty soon. They also said Idol would be back soon. Still waiting for the last bits before we have all of the Toriko chapters done.

Update 2: Idol is back. We’re waiting until all the back chapters are one before we release them, which should be any day now. Just waiting for Idol to finish cleaning the last one.


12 thoughts on “Delays

  1. take it from mangastream or something~
    the release of toriko from this site is too slow~
    it’s already up to 126 and u guys still don’t hav 125

  2. I found out that you can get raws from this place
    not sure how fast they get it done but it seems complete as of thursday.
    And btw, kewl’s translation is way better than molokidan’s( funny and seems to fit the situation). If you can’t wait that long read kewl’s translation on mangahelper then read the raw lol.

  3. ah good news… ive been contemplating, to take the one from binktopia or not.. seems ive made the right choice to wait for you guys : )
    almost decided to take bink’s when seeing the new chap, and seeing you guys doesnt give any news, but this post clears my doubt : )

    • I try to clean it, but this are pre-cleaned raw…
      Grays dissappear when i i try to clean it…. πŸ™
      I’m sorry but i can’t clean this raw and ensure an HQ scanlation…

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