Toriko 137 & Gintama 329 Release

Here’s a Gintama pic… it’s totally random and none of these guys are in this chapter.

Sorry for the few days delay guys. I’ve been a little overwhelmed with real-life stuff.
Here’re these…

First chapter of V38 of Gintama by the way.

Toriko 137:
Direct Download

Gintama 329:
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12 thoughts on “Toriko 137 & Gintama 329 Release

  1. Thanks for the chapters and showcasing some lovely Gintama fanart!

    If everything’s feeling too much, just take it easy ok?

  2. Thanks for the chapters, I am really looking forward for more releases. xD
    Please keep with the good work.
    I hope that everything that you have to do IRL is going well. ;D

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