Toriko 142 & Gintama 330 Release

This has nothing to do with the wheel of fate. We’re just doing our damned best.

We got a new raw provider, so it would seem, so Toriko’s earlier this week.
As per a request from our raw provider, we’d like to ask that all online readers don’t upload this to their sites within the first 24 hours except for Mangareader, which has permission.

For Gintama, we have a new typsetter and his first chapter is this one. Thanks a lot to Cyber Verde.
The next chapter of Gintama is almost done, it’s taking a couple days longer than I thought. It just has to be typset now. I’m working on the next one.
Whoever the hell wants can upload that wherever.

Toriko 142:
Direct Download

Gintama 330:
Direct Download

20 thoughts on “Toriko 142 & Gintama 330 Release

  1. btw whos the guy in the last page behind chief mansam? wearing that rider like suit @_@ anyway its an awesome chapter! toriko never fails to deliver. the fight was entertaining and even the celebration is nice. the journey back was interesting without having to wait another chapter for it. overall gourmet pyramid arc is awesome! hate it when a manga tries to drag thing(cough cough bleach cough)

  2. Oh, good attitude!! I like the “do whatever you want with it” since most bastards will regardless!! I give y’all the big THUMBS UP!!

    BTW – I won’t upload it anywhere; I just like the cut of your jib! Too many scanlators try to control the uncontrollable, thus I find it refreshing when folks don’t give a damn. I approve!

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