Toriko 143 & Gintama 331 Release

Who says the Biotopes go from only 1 to 8?!!!
Gintoki Sakura

Ok, got these done.
The next chapter of Gintama should be done soon. Really, in order to catch up we need to get 2 chapters out a week for like 5 months or so. That or suddenly do a whole bunch. But for now I’m gonna really try to get two a week if I can manage it between me and the rest of the staff. But I’m focused on it now, and with a new typsetter for Gintama things are easier. So hopefully we can make that…

And please wait 24 hours before uploading Toriko to any readers besides mangareader.

Toriko 143:
Direct Download

Gintama 331:
Direct Download

17 thoughts on “Toriko 143 & Gintama 331 Release

  1. Don’t actually catch up with Gintama.

    Stay just a little behind, to be able keep scanlating from the Volumes.

    Best for you and for us, and it looks a ton better.

    • Once we get to the issue scans, when the volume scans come out we’re gonna try to just move everything over to the better quality scans. It wouldn’t be too hard.

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