Toriko 167 Release

I’m so drunk and full and exhausted and starving and FOCUSED…

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Ok, so back to normal I guess…

Gintama’ll be done whenever it’s done. Probably around tomorrow. Or… no… today? I dunno man it all feels like one long day… Didn’t… I say this… already once today…

Toriko 167:
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19 thoughts on “Toriko 167 Release

  1. *Q* another chapter!!!!
    You’re so great!!!!
    I lack words with which to thank.
    Because of you scanlation groups we can become fans!!!
    (well, we who can’t read the mangas original language)
    really, thank you so very much!!!

  2. Thanks a bunch for the effort~ I’ve realised recently that I’m looking forward to Toriko more than the ‘Big 3’ these days, so thanks for dishing these out in high quality!

  3. @dogtao they are not a week behind they are actually super early this week! Thanks for the hard work kewl, your a monster XD

  4. Thanks for the chapter! I didn’t expect another Toriko so soon but I decided to check anyway! Great work – I love this series.

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