Gintama 389 Release

Generations of manipulation…

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I had such a shitty week, don’t wanna go into it. Anyhow this is done now. I’m gonna go back to working all day and night to finish back chapters in the volumes…

Gintama 389:
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28 thoughts on “Gintama 389 Release

  1. I hope that next week will get better for you; this is an over-used and over-abused cliche, but if a week is crap, the only thing for the next week to be is better : ) Thanks so much for the release!

  2. That was a TOUGH read. So many grammatical errors! Compared to Bomber’s you mentioned inaccurate translations, this is much worse.

    • WTF?! Who the hell are you to say such rude words?!
      Excuse me my rudeness, but if it`s SO TOUGH to read then DON`T do it. Do you understand how much pain to read what you wright? Your words don`t make anyone happy…

    • Really, I haven’t read either yet (too busy…) so i don’t know whats been changed, but Kewl isn’t a proof reader. He edits Bomber D Rufis translations because Bomber will occasionally misunderstand the original text.

  3. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    My jaw was hanging open when I saw Kondou and Hijikata fighting (but it turns out they were both trolling, ahaha). I hope the little princess wises up some, she’s cute but her oblivious schtick could get old fast.

    And please don’t work yourselves too hard on the volumes. They’ll come when they come, we can all wait.

  4. Thank you so very much
    I’m also from Indonesia and I’m grateful because there are people like you guys, who are scanlating manga chapters for free, even sacrificing your own time to do this.

    sorry for bad english, and thanks again

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