29 thoughts on “Gintama 394 Release

  1. The sun will rise again, indeed!

    Man, I REALLY needed this chapter after that last one. I wonder if Sasaki was trying to make it look like he really [spoiler] Gin-san or if he’s just taking a potshot at him because he’s a bastard. I’m leaning towards bastard.

  2. I’ve got a question. Which of the following translations is closer to literal (noticed by Morkie from Polish Gintama forum):

    In BDR’s translation it says “I ain’t breakin’ no promises… Not to you or Maizou”, and in a scanlation “Not to Maizou… or to you”. The second translation implies that Gintoki is someone special to her since she was accentuating him after a pause. It adds even more fuel to the Gin x Tsukky pair.

  3. Excuse me. I’m grateful about the releases. But the download links for chapters 393 & 394 have dead. Would someone please upload those?

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