Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 2

To another world…

Okay, so, this bears explanation.
Doubutsu no Kuni is a manga by Makoro Raiku, the author of Konjiki no Gash!!. Me and my group Anime-Destiny that did the later anime and manga for Gash started working on this when it started back in 2009. But, after a little ways into it we no longer had enough people to work on it. I translated up to chapter 13, but we didn’t have any cleaners and I didn’t have time to do typsetting myself. And nobody volunteered, so we couldn’t finish it. But recently, a couple people working on Jojolion volunteered to help finish this volume. So here’s volume 2 of Doubutsu no Kuni, which took 2 years and a few months to complete. I’m shifting it over from Anime-Destiny here to Hi Wa Mata Noboru because this group is generally my group for manga. I hadn’t started the group back when we did volume 1 of DnK and Gash, and I’d rather keep the media separate even though I run both groups. Especially when mostly it’s people in this group that are working on it. The plan is to try to get the guys working on Jojolion to occasionally work on this to get the project moving at some fair pace. Up to volume 9 are out right now. I had already translated up to the end of volume 4 since 2010, but we haven’t had anyone to work on it. Getting dedicated people to work on projects is usually the hardest task, generally much harder than actually doing the work. So hopefully this project will get going a little.

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 2
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  2. Wow, thank you very much! I didn’t know if I would ever be able to read more of this manga, I had really liked the first volume back in time.
    I’ll look forward to your releases πŸ™‚

  3. My secret hope is that one day, when you will be finished with one series, you’ll want to take on the challenge of translating Buster Keel… But until now, good… no, perfect work with all your releases so far, keep it up!

  4. Hello, I am a big fan of this manga (and obviously konjiki no gash too)… I always thought this project will never be picked up again so I want to help out with this project! I have basic cleaning and leveling skill. I can’t redraw though. I can also try reading type setting tutorials and help with it.

  5. greetings this may come late but i was applying for training at Mahjongkrazy as a Cleaner/Typesetter, and decided to do it whit the second chapter of Doubutsu no Kuni, when it come to my attention dude they are stuck on chp 7, maybe they can get some helping hand, so here im, but i warn you im before training, since this is before i even began working on the test, but im telling myself why not go to the guys that are doing Doubutsu no Kuni and try to help them too, if everything works it would be pretty cool.

  6. I recommend you guys release 1 chapter per day. It will keep visitors coming everyday and attention builds up gradually at an exponential rate. If you guys release everything at once, it’ll be like a big explosion and nothing much afterwards πŸ˜›

    • The thing is, we don’t like… have stuff done. It mostly needs to be checked and some typeset. And the way things have been going it’ll probably all be finished at once, so I’m just gonna do that. Volume 13 comes out in November, so we’re just gonna do that when it comes out.

      • I normally wish for a machine to stop time so i can do more things, but is news like these that makes me want to go and fast-forward!!!

  7. I love this series so much from what I’ve read and because it’s from the same author of Gash Bell! I can’t wait for the next update! I wish I could help, but I’m too busy to help πŸ™ That and I don’t have any experience haha… The one year I thought about helping scanlations, my schedule is pretty packed >.> Seems like the scanlations is moving okay, pace wise?

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