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  1. @regg: Having reread Bleach recently, I can attest that he is indeed planning his trolling out very carefully and setting it up in a, more or less, justified way. That still doesn’t excuse Hueco Mundo though -.-.
    As for the current chapter: The only thing not really foreshadowed was Kuribos alignment.
    And while he is no Eichiro Oda, he still shows a very sound hand for planning. For example back on Ice Hell, do you remember Setsunos Fuck-You-aura?

  2. On pg 13, it think you should replace “a not beat’ful way to win” with “a unbeaut’ful way to win”. Cause the previous pg, you had “it was such”. So the entire sentence reads “it was such a not beat’ful way to win” sounds weird.

  3. I think “un-beautiful” is probably the right pronunciation. If I remember correctly, that’s how sani’s voice actor pronounces it in the anime.

    • The raws haven’t “been out for a few days”. The manga comes out on Mondays in Japan and we are able to get it on Wednesday of the previous week, which was YESTERDAY, because of a huge amount of effort spent on the project to eventually get the connections to do that. What’s more, everyone that works on this has a life and can’t devote all their time to it depending on their real life. This is a hobby and we do it for free. It’s also an enormous amount of work for virtually no reward, only out of the kindness of our hearts. And we’ve been doing it every week minus the 4-5 weeks out of the year chapters done come out, for the last 4 years or so. Don’t be a jackass.

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