Toriko 255

And so we finally return.
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K, all done. This chapter’s got tons of awesome plot stuff in it, so go check it out. I’m really interested to see what comes up next, we’re at the closing of this arc now.

Toriko 255
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11 thoughts on “Toriko 255

  1. There’s a spelling mistake on pg 4, top right panel. Ichyruu says:
    “I’ve prared for that much…” should be “I’ve prepared for that much…”

  2. Ok, seriously, this enmity should not have ever became that bad. Because as a main villain, midora has two HUGE weaknesses. First, he’s actually lonely. Two, he’s a compulsive eater. If ichigo, Jirou, and setsuna had visited the bishokukai once a month bringing new ingredients and recipes, and invited midora to eat with them, and left his portion of the food even when he refused, midora would have been a VERY different person, years later.

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