Gintama 467

Dancing in the jaws of death.
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Jump came out a day early this week but Gama didn’t have time to finish it today, so that will happen tomorrow most likely. We don’t have any backups really. I had to suddenly do a frantic search for people to fill in for this Gintama chapter, too, at the last minute because someone else was away.

Anyhow, here’s this week’s Gintama it’s full of joy and mostly death and beheadings. Seriously though this arc’s really cool. It’s got a lot of drama but it’s exploring such an interesting area. With this family of executioners and all. There’s a lot of morbidness but there’s innocence and guilt all around as well. Next chapter’s particularly awesome. Sorachi’s great at starting with a seemingly simple premise and then taking things further and further as it goes along.

Gintama 467
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10 thoughts on “Gintama 467

  1. Thanks for the upload! Such a great chapter to read (as usual). I just wonder if Asaemon will disappear like most characters do after the serious arc end.

  2. Yeah, this arc rocks. Sorachi never ceases to amaze me even though it’s been almost 500 chapters. So different than other “shounen mangakas” (like Oda, Tite or Kishimoto).

    Thank you BDR, kewl0210, Minky Blue, DKThias, Mooni and Hawk. You’re doing a superb job :).

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