Doubutsu no Kuni Volumes 3-12


Okay, story time. So I’ve been working on this shit for about… 3 years. I actually made a google doc to keep track of the progress on every step of this has been. I translated volume 3 back in July of 2010. The reason this stuff took so long was a long list of reasons. Primarily, I was originally going to be working on this series as it came out in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine. But at the time we didn’t have dedicated cleaners or typesetters and I had no way of getting any, and no one volunteered so the project had to be put on hold. So I had translated up to the 2nd to last chapter of volume 4 in 2010, but then I didn’t work on it again until around when released volume 2, back in September of 2012. After that point I had a couple people that had volunteered to help, so I started putting a higher priority on getting through this series. But the problem was a lot of the time I could get like one job done but not another. The number of people who worked on this 10 volume batch is something like… 11 between just cleaning and typesetting. The reason we’re now releasing 10 volumes at once is because nothing ever got to the “completed” stage up until like… 2 and a half months ago. And at that point I decided to just say fuck it and wait to release everything at once. Because basically finding dedicated typesetters a very long time, and usually people would work on one volume or half a volume and then not come back to do more. And I’d end up waiting for weeks or months for them to finish only for them to fall out of contact with me or reply saying they were too busy to do it anymore. I was luckily enough to get a very dedicated cleaner, high8sky, who did 8 entire volumes on her own. I was looking for people to do extensive checking/editing, too, but in the end I just had one check per volume and then checked them all myself for a final run through, because that was becoming too frustrating. And I only had time for scanning and translating, which are pretty quick for this series in general. I could do a volume in a couple of days. And I’m constantly low on sleep every day, every week, trying to get weekly projects done I barely have any time to work on long-term stuff like this, so I couldn’t do typesetting or cleaning on top of that. So basically I spent a lot of time trying to find people and manage everything, then I started checking through and finalizing everything when we were getting close to the last volume being typeset, which was also a pretty rigorous process to do for 10 volumes. Buuuuuut we eventually, finally, managed to get it all done. I’m really proud we finally managed to do it, even if it took three years, we’re all caught up with the volumes of this series that’s out in Japan. This series is seriously awesome, if you haven’t read the beginning yet. And it’s by one of my favorite authors, Makoto Raiku, creator of Konjiki no Gash!!. It also won the Koudansha Manga Award this year, which is a pretty big award. The story really gets better and better as it goes along. There’s great plot about morality, personal strength and weakness, and fighting to change the ways of the world. And the characters grow and mature as it goes on.

I also hope you guys will buy official releases of this to support the author if it’s available to purchase in your region.

The manga is nearing it’s close now, and volume 13 comes out November 8th. We’ll try to do that not too long after it comes out.
I just wanna list here, thanking all the people that worked on it:

Kewl0210 – Scanning, translating, checking/finalizing
high8sky – Cleaning
zircom22 – Typesetting
Radar – Cleaning, typesetting
jagman1x3 – Typesetting
RPG_Gamer – Editing
zachrosenberg18 – Editing
Maar – Typesetting
Triggerology – Typesetting

Thanks a lot, everyone who helped out. It was really hard for me to keep going on this because I kept running into so many roadblocks and it became really frustrating at times. I’m glad we finally made it this far. And I hope everybody enjoys reading it.
I’d also like to point out, we have a donate button on the sidebar on the right. I usually don’t mention that, but I did have to buy and debind all these volumes, so that cost a bit of money. We generally get very little in donations, I’m hoping maybe I can at least get enough donations to cover the cost of that. I’ll personally thank anybody who donates. (I just noticed the donate button had disappeared at some point and I had to re-add it…)

Go read it it’s good.
It’d take a very long time to upload each individual chapter so I’m just doing volumes and I’ll make more mirrors later, it’s like midnight at the moment and doing this for entire volumes will take a while.

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 3 (Chapter 8-10 + Ep 0)
Direct Download

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 4 (Chapter 11-14)
Direct Download

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 5 (Chapter 15-18)
Direct Download

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 6 (Chapter 19-21 + Gaiden)
Direct Download

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 7 (Chapter 22-25)
Direct Download

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 8 (Chapter 26-29)
Direct Download

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 9 (Chapter 30-33)
Direct Download

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 10 (Chapter 34-37)
Direct Download

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 11 (Chapter 38-41)
Direct Download

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 12 (Chapter 42-45)
Direct Download

You can read them all online here.

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  1. T_T I waited so many years! Thanks a lot, oh boy really comments just don’t cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, we’re working on that, too. I still have a few chapters left to translate plus the chapter in-betweens, plus we still have the typesetting for those, and later editing. Should have time to focus on getting through that soon. The thing is it takes a HUGE amount of time to translate a Gintama chapter so it’s hard to dedicate time to doing that when you know you’re gonna be spending all your free time that week and only getting maybe one chapter done. And that’s on top of doing the weekly Gintama chapter. I can do a lot more of pretty much any series a lot faster and with a lot less of a headache. But now a lot of stuff’s getting finished up so I should be able to get through the rest soon.

  2. This is just amazing guys. Thank you so much for your effort. I like this series, skim thru the raws alot. Cause it’s awesome. Finally, it’s here. Really happy for it. Thanks a lot guys.

  3. I just have to say my thanks here on your webpage! Thank you SO much! Such a fantastic and heartwarming story could not have fallen to us, leecher’s eyes, if not for you and your team. I really liked the “tarzan” aspect of this story, and I found the moral of the story really compelling. Thank you once again! I just want you to know that your efforts and hard work for this series is very much appreciated by me, and fans all over.

  4. thank you ,thank you, thank youuuu… i read this manga 1 year ago after read gash then forget about it until recently i read gash again then i go to read kuni again and hoping any group to announce that their take this manga and then release even only one chapter, i will really grateful but to get all 10 vol, i did try to read raw but damn it its hard so for your group trans this manga i don’t know what to say anymore, just can give you all my appreciation thank you………

  5. Good God!!!! I never give up hope on rest of this series translated! But I didn’t expect such huge released, I am overwhelmed by your group awesomeness!

    • Oh, did you work on that? Sorry, maybe my record keeping wasn’t as good as I thought. A project going on for several years made it really hard to organize and I didn’t start storing progress in a google doc until last Spring. I’ll add you to the list on this post at least.

      • I didn’t even remember doing it myself. I just could’a sworn I completed one volume, then screwed up on the second one I did. then I found I still had the cleans for volume 3 on my computer.

        • I think you did it, then I sent you like 5 emails asking you to send it and you never did. The cleans I have for V3 I have labeled as done by high8sky. I think you did volume 2… I could be wrong.

      • I cleaned all of volume 3, then most of volume 5 except for 6 pages, and never sent it in? …How bored was I last year? Well it’s done now at least. despite my apparent efforts to keep that from happening…
        Thank you for all your work on this.

      are you the same benii who was scanlating doll’s folklore
      if you are whyyyy did you stop scanlating your group’s projects??

      • Caaaause I got a job. It was pretty much just for a month at first back in January, but then I kept getting asked to stay longer. I got let go permanently in August/September, but when I talked to bomber about getting back to it he said someone else had asked him about doing it.

        Sorry about the ~10 month hiatus, but the new groups doing a good job with it. They have a proofreader, and people complained about the raws I was using anyway, saying the public raws would have been a better choice(?).
        Someone else also picked up Yuuyami tokkoutai (though they only released chapter 2 back in July, claiming to have mostly finished volume 1) and bomber doesn’t seem too interested in continuing it due to the other translations he has going.

        When I was working, I was living in hotel rooms 5-6 days per week, so when I got home I didn’t want to use my little free time to scanlate. Some people like kewl can balance life with scanlation, but I can pretty much only do it if I have way too much free time. Sorry about the off topic post/s kewl.

        • I don’t mind. And yeah, I spend way too much time on this stuff. I’m trying to do this sorta thing and just finish the projects I started and then only deal with a handful of series’ that are still going.

  6. I appreciate the amount of work you have put in to deliver this buddy. I have been a regular reader of Toriko for few years. Thank you for your hard work!

  7. Holy crap!!! and here I thought that this series was never getting translated. Thank you all so very much for the hard work you put in. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend now…

  8. Soooo, you was need a typesetter and you don`t say a word?… You know I always ready to help 🙁 ……

    But well anyway, Kewl, you&Co did a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy awesome job. Now you can to sleep a little more )))

  9. OH MY GOD!!! I was waiting for this series. I remember you being on hold, but I never expected a 10 Volume release. You are god! I Love you!

    Now, reading Doubutsu no Kuni!!!

  10. soo…. ten volumes at once are you guys trying to be the most awesome scanlation group ever ?
    cause i think youre getting pretty darn close

    • Fakar my man any group who works in a Makoto Raiku manga automatically gets the “most awesome scanlation group ever” title!

  11. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, it’s finally here and all at once ;____;
    Thank you guys so much!!! You all did a wonderful job! You all got the job done despite all the hardwork, you guys desire so much pats on the backs!

  12. hadn’t even heard of this manga. But just seeing the effort you put into it, just wanted to say something…..awesome guys, you ROCK
    (on a side note, thanks for translating Toriko…love it).

  13. Thank you so much guys for all your hard work, effort and everything! This was great!! I loved it so much! >< Thank you high8sky and all the people that worked on these volumes. Can't thank you guys enough man.

  14. wow…i can’t f**kin believe it, i’ve been waiting for 2 years and now here it is… I almost give up on this series after no one else pick this up and there’s no sign of it will be published by the manga publisher in my country..but here it is… Thank you so much guys for all your hard work, all your sweat and tears (also blood, if any involved).
    I’ll be sure to buy it if Viz media (or any english-language publisher) decided to pick this great manga up.
    Again, thank you sooooo much..

  15. Oh my fucking god!

    I thought you had stopped the scanlation because the series got licensed.

    I love you, thanks for the hard work.

  16. Kewl, you’re seriously one of the most hardworking people I know and you seriously don’t get enough credit for that. The work you do in the jojos community and the rest of your projects is simply insane. I’ve never heard of this series before, but I am going to pick it up tonight off your suggestion. Thanks for jojos, Toriko, and everything else – and of course thanks goes out to the rest of the staff as well.

    • Thanks dude, I really appreciate it. Honestly I do way too many things so recently I’ve been trying to finish some projects, like this, that’ve been partially done for a long time so I have a little more free time.

  17. This is probably my first and last time here. Thank you very much for scanlating the rest of this. I picked it up a long time ago, but had low hopes for it since it had been a while since the last chapter. Thank you very very much!

  18. Just caught up on all the volumes, had to find out what awesome scanlation group and people did this. Thank you guys so much, you guys are the greatest. Doubutsu no Kuni (and Gash Bell, and Makoto Raiku in general) is so awesome. I’ve never read any other mangas that are as emotional and powerful as his. I was rotating the whole time between laughing at the great humor, sobbing and wiping my nose every five seconds, and being amazed by the spectacular fights. I mean, can you please not make me so attached to characters as they’re fighting for their lives??? Again, thank you and everyone who worked on this so much!
    I’m actually considering buying the manga; hopefully nothing’s going to be censored. I was surprised by the influx of severed limbs and decapitation in this, since that never happened in Gash Bell, although the large amounts of blood loss isn’t new.

  19. Wow this is like the best batch release ever! Thank you so much for persevering over the past 3 years and thank you for giving us the chance to read such a great manga!! =)

  20. Love you love you love you. Like everybody here i read this manga a while back and put it on hold for lack of releases and even looked to buying the manga, but there was only a few volumes and i wanted to wait until i could buy a bunch. So I did a double take when i saw how many chapters were uploaded today and had to come here and ust voice my appreciation and thank everyone who worked on this because i know it is hard and the least you deserve is a bit of my time to type this message.*^_^* gracias

  21. there is a missing (without text) page in volume 4 between Doubutsu_no_Kuni_v04_ch011_pg035-036.png and Doubutsu_no_Kuni_v04_ch011_pg037.png

  22. Thanks man for everything ! Sidenote: Do you intend to release the latest volume as whole volume or per chapter ? And when do u think it willl be done ?

    Thanks !!

  23. This is an almost unmatched feat of badassery.

    this is a wonderful series. thank you so much for all your hard work, everyone involved.

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