16 thoughts on “Toriko 264

  1. Kewl,

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂 FOREVER GREATFULLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always look up to you as ‘our’ ONLY toriko Translator and Typesetter!!!
    I love your level of typesetting so much that I wish one day I can reach your Level xP.

    How do you rate the chapter I typesetted, In comparison with yours:


    I hope you like it 😀


    • In all honesty it’s not very good.

      The clean itself, nice as it is to use less filtering, clearly shows the other side of the page and would need brushing across literally the whole page to pull up to scratch.

      The typesetting misses the side text which is the underlying most basic need of a type lay. And it doesn’t follow the look of the text in any way: the red and yellow text should be put down as it is with less of a stroke to it and there’s been no attempt to stylise the sound effect on the fourth panel.

      1/10 see me after class.

  2. SPOILER!!!

    This chapter makes no sense whatsoever? Time skip huh? How did Toriko get back Komatsu? Why are they leaving the gourmet world and heading back to the Human World when the series is “done” with the Human World Arc?


    /End Rant

    • That’s the whole point. He jumped ahead time so it wouldn’t be that “OH TIMESKIP NOW LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENED RIGHT AWAY!” He’ll explain that later on. I actually like the way he approached it. It’s different and a bit more unique.

  3. If (and only if) Mangastream decides to pick up Toriko again, would you still scanlate it? I prefer your scans, and I find it a little unrespectful to pick it since you are already a HQ group…

  4. Why ere they staying in the gourmet world for over a year?
    And why does the human world look like it is from Fist of the North Star or Violence Jack, all post apocoliptic.

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