22 thoughts on “Toriko 265

  1. thank kewl for toriko. i remember about 3 years ago MS also translated toriko beside you. they stopped and you didnt. thank kewl for that. am your big fan and very grateful for translating toriko.

  2. Thank you, will definitely download toriko like always. don’t mind the other.

    keep up the good work

  3. hi, i heard the news. are you really consider dropping Toriko? it is really heartbreaking seeing HWMN and MS like this.

    Please continue translating Toriko. I hope MS drop Toriko and pick up another series.

      • Don’t say stuff like that please. World of scanlators are made of mutual respect of each others works…unwritten, and actually practiced by most scanlators. MS suddenly picking up Toriko while HWMN still scanlating it, is contrast to the mutual respect. Mutual respect or not, it is their own group, it’s up to them to do whatever they wish.

        I actually salute HWMN for politely approach MS regarding this matter. Cheers.

  4. The comments have been interestings at else… Specially the one up there about “dropping Toriko”…

    Kewl, you have won your followers in right law, translating Toriko since a long ago, and we know you do this because you want to; you did when MS didn’t, when they did and when stopped doing, and we thank you for that.

    This comment doesn’t have any intention but expressing my gratitude for the nonstop dedication you have put to your work; I don’t comment often (I’m non-native English speaker) but you deserve the time to write this short lines.

    Thank you, and good luck.

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