Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 14 (End)

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Okay, well, here we are at the end of this series. I covered most of the saga that was getting this series scanlated in that earlier post where we released 10 volumes at once ( Scanlating this volume went pretty well, we got it done from start to finish in about a month and a half.

This series is seriously awesome. There was an interview at the end of the last chapter that we also included in this release. That’s between Raiku-sensei, the author of this manga, and Isayama Hajime, author of another series running in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, Shingeki no Kyojin (Insert your choice of Engrish translation of the title here). And it really makes you realize what a great philosophical work this is. It felt like there was a real arc to the story, it didn’t drag, and explored every theme it tackled very well. I’ve been working on it since it started in 2009, despite the fact that we went on a hiatus for a few years due to not having staff to work on it, and I honestly enjoyed every bit of it (And I collected all the color pages from the magazine, as you might’ve noticed). Spread the word! Let other people know about this series, and check out Konjiki no Gash!! if you haven’t. Raiku-sensei’s works are what got me into anime and manga in the first place. There’s a spirit to them that no other works really capture. I hope you all enjoy them. And support Raiku-sensei by buying official copies if they’re available to you! You can also thank him directly if you want:

I’d really like to work on Raiku-sensei’s next work if I’m able given whatever sort of situation my life is in when it starts. There was about a year and a half between when Konjiki no Gash!! ended and Doubutsu no Kuni started. Maybe this time we won’t fall 3 years behind.

Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 14 (Chapters 50-53) (End)
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16 thoughts on “Doubutsu no Kuni Volume 14 (End)

  1. Incredible this is really, the best thing of this month! thanks a lot for this release! this even better than that new chapter of Berserk and knowing that Hunter x Hunter will restart publication.

    I wonder, what are the chances of that Classroom oneshot to become an actual story? that one was quite good!

  2. You guys are my heroes. Thanks for scanlating so many volumes until its completion! Time to go read the final volume instead of studying for exams! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks man this is an incredible work and an incredible scanlation. When I have the opportunity, I will certainly by the volumes of this amazing series, but I will still keep your scanlations, because they are beast! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. You are a god among men Kewl. Thank you and the staff for all the hard work! I totally agree that Raiku sensei’s works all have this heart/spirit/soul to them that can’t be found anywhere else. May he live long and be a prolific mangaka!

  5. Thanks Kewl and congratulations!

    Big fan of your and Toriko in particualr…

    Just saying, not want to force you or anything, but…

    I’m sure you’ve considered working on Leader Takeshi, any news about that?

    • Yeah, I read it, it’s a really good series. If no one’s worked on it by the time I finish or have caught up on like 5 other manga I’m working on, I might try to do that series. But that’s not gonna be any time in the near future.

  6. Thank you so much for working on this project! The end was wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚
    Haha I saw a lot of parallels between Dobutsu no Kuni and Gash bell, it was pretty interesting! Never thought their kids would show up xD
    I can’t wait for the author’s new series! His works are always emotional and moving!

  7. Finally finished reading it, the interview was quite interesting, and i like how you troll the giant zombie assaulter fans by changing the name of the series each time XD.

    About that interview, the names get mixed constantly, and sometimes they are not highlighted, and in the second part of the interview did Isa compared his main character to Jyu? or is there a Jyu on attack on Saturn’s moon? if so i can’t remember a character with that name.
    Also did i got an spoiler to the end of “The World is Mine” i hope not, that manga is awesome so i probably did, but damn i hope the ending is totally different, but equally satisfying.
    I wonder how the fans of atop the titanic (did you come with those names? they are hilarious! good work there XD) will feel when they read that the series is indeed getting into a plot clusterfuck, i guess everyone knows that but they refuse to accept it.

    Man thanks a lot for doing the interview, i am so glad to know that Zalas survived, and Dire of course, i really worried thinking that Dire died just like that, oh man i am so glad, thanks again a wonderful job.

    • The name thing was mostly my joke on the horrible official translation of Shingeki no Kyojin. Something possessed the author to write a subtitle without checking with any English speakers to realize it was broken English, and now there are English speaking fans that seriously call it that.

      I think what SnK’s author meant was that Doubutsu no Kuni covers many “themes”, but SnK focuses on a lot fewer. The aspects in his story align most closely with Jyu’s philosophy and character arc about conflict being natural and it causing technology to flourish and all that.

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