Toriko 281

Everybody’s so friendly in Bewitching Food World.
Gouremt 4 heav kings
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Ok, that’s all done. This chapter’s kinda short, and there’s no Toriko in Jump next week. So Toriko continues in 2 weeks.
The Toriko fanbook has some pretty cool posters in it apparently:

Toriko 280
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11 thoughts on “Toriko 281

  1. Why don’t you drop Toriko and do some other series?
    Two groups doing the same series doesn’t help…it’s only additional burden for you.
    You’re doing an amazing job with Gintama; and a new series would be awesome from you (lot of good ones don’t receive any attention…like Tegami Bachi, Sangatsu no Lion etc.)

    • Because we’ve done it from the beginning, we like it, and it’s a good series. I’m gonna start working on 3-Gatsu again sometime soon, depending on how some real-life stuff goes.

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