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The glasses in your heart make you see best. Or maybe the ones on your face.
Congrats on 10 Years
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Ok, so go read this it’s the epic conclusion to the Shinpachi Gets New Glasses Arc. Will Shinpachi get those new glasses? What is the origin of the Hijikata’s V-Shaped bangs? All will be revealed.

Also, at the end of this chapter, and in the next Jump issue preview it indicates that there’s going to be an announcement regarding Gintama in celebration of the 10th anniversary in the next issue of Jump. Which should be leaking onto the internet in a couple hours from the time of this post. My theory is collectable Shinpachi-style glasses. Imagine how awesome that would be? I guess we’ll all find out soon.

Edit: The news is there’s gonna be a one-episode anime special this year.
Also one of the pages of 501 didn’t save or something so it was missing. It’s been added now.

Gintama 501
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  1. Thanks for the release!! 🙂 Happy about the anime special, though I hoped they’d announce a new gintama anime “season” 😉

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