Toriko 300

Monkeys and forks.
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Happy 300th Toriko everyone. For the most part scanlating went fine this week. There’s no daylight savings in Japan so for our group in the US our schedules have to shift a bit though because we’ll get the raws at a slightly different time.
And congrats to Naruto for finally ending.

I can’t wait to work on this Gintama chapter. Again…

Toriko 300
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6 thoughts on “Toriko 300

  1. Thanks for the great chapter.

    However, I want to confirm something.
    Why are there several inconsistencies among the translations?
    Could you please explain?

    Here are the inconsistencies:
    1. Page 3 Coco says “DROP POISON”
    Page 4 says “DRIP POISON”
    2. Page 12 Zebra says “SHINIGAMI NO KOBUSHI”
    But the T/N says “SHINIGAMI NO KUBISHI”

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