Gintama 517

Everything I carry on me, I will throw it all away. Yes, to blow it all off, to let fly all reason, wanting to lose my way, wanting to flounder, feeling nothing,
not needing a heart, wanting to be troubled, wanting to struggle.
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This stuff’s so awesome. I seriously don’t know what’s gonna happen now. But every chapter in this arc’s amazing. I seriously feel for these characters.

Apparently there was also an announcement this week that what’s seemingly an unaired anime episode of chapter 312 is going to be bundled with Gintama volume 58 which goes on sale April 3rd. And the Jump Super Anime Tour starts on Sunday which has that one-episode OVA which may get some other form of release at some point. We don’t know if these are the same thing but I don’t think they are.

Gintama 517
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20 thoughts on “Gintama 517

  1. Oh gosh, this chapter was amazing. This whole arc is amazing. I can’t wait to see more. Thank-you for all your efforts! I can’t wait until the OVA comes out and hopefully, it will spur on more interest and Gintama will continue its anime! Thanks again for your hard work.

  2. Thanks for getting these chapters out so quickly. I know you all could have been sleeping instead. We really appreciate your hard work!

  3. Will the awesomeness of this arc increase Gintama’s popularity? I hope so… It’s such a gem, but NOBODY reads it among the people I know/I’ve met in person. *sigh*
    Let’s also hope this is not the finale arc.
    Thanks for the release! <3

  4. what’s with that paragraph on top?? i’m already reeling in the feels from the chapter, how dare you D:< /cries profusely

    thanks as always

  5. didn’t i say this will be the best flashback ever ^،^

    gintoki please do die you can win T_T

    damn you takasugi ><

    as always thank you so much

  6. Ah, Light Infection.. Make me want to watch Gintama old episodes again
    This chapter is awesomely awesome. As awesome as you guys who brought this to us.
    Thank you

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