Toriko 311

So cute. Yet… creepy.
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The schedules of the couple of typesetters we had working on this project can’t do it anymore for the time being. So I’ve had to typset in addition to managing everything, translating, checking, and releasing, and it’s seriously too much for me to handle much longer. If you’d like to help us with typesetting Toriko, it would be really appreciated. Send me an email at the address below.

Also check out Ring Volume 2 if you haven’t yet. It’s a short series by Shimabukuro-sensei.

We’re looking for cleaners to work on volume scanlations of Gintama, Toriko, and maybe JoJolion. We’re also looking for new typesetters to help get Toriko done quicker. If you would like to volunteer, email me at

Toriko 311
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7 thoughts on “Toriko 311

  1. Why do you guys translate Toriko before Gintama ;_;
    From a viewer prospective it’s so much worse because of mangastream also doing toriko

    • We get the raw for Toriko like 8 hours before Gintama. We get Gintama while I’m at work, usually after Toriko is done. That’s not up to us. Also we only have one person that can work on Gintama besides me to do the cleaning and typesetting and can only do it when she’s not at work/asleep. Then I can’t check and release it until I’m back from work the next day (I can take time off my lunch break to work on Toriko at work but only if it’s short). Also Gintama generally takes much longer to translate, typeset, and check.

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