Gintama 543

Losing my way over and over, my steps falter, such is this life that I live.
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Somehow we gotthese last two weeks done early. Yay… I’m very sleepy now. But scanlating went fine this week. Now for the weekend where I translate Innocent, 3-Gatsu no Lion, 81diver, and probably a bunch of other stuff…

Gintama 543
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14 thoughts on “Gintama 543

  1. WHAT? It only took you 4 days to translate 18 pages, mostly consisting of picture with little dialogue, instead of 5 ?! .
    You are a true maestro and schould start teaching people the glorious art of blazing fast translation.

    I am sure you don’t get it but that was sarcasm.

    • It took about 12 hours, dude. We get the raw around 1-3PM on Thursday Eastern US time. No idea where you got any of that from, but it’s pretty blatantly incorrect. Also keep in mind that we have a private source for raws about 4-5 days before the street date in Japan and always get it released within a day and a half. Also we’re adults with full time jobs which we have to be at during the day so we have limited time to work on this, but we still do every chapter which is 48 weeks out of the year. Every job requires 2-6 hours to do depending on the chapter. And it’s a hobby, we’re not getting paid or making ad revenue or advancing our careers by doing this. Also we only have two people doing every job on this project. Also it’s 19 pages not 18. Relax.

  2. really appreciate you guys doing these amazing scanlations to bring us the goodness of gintama!! man, this arc is friggin’ intense!

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