Innocent Volume 7

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So this one went much more smoothly. We’ll be working on the next ones. Go read it!

Edit: Small fixes.

Innocent V7 (Chapters 65-75)
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Online Reader (Batoto)

26 thoughts on “Innocent Volume 7

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  2. Hi there! Nice work!
    How long does it take for you to translate/edit/etc this manga? It seems hard.
    When is next volume due?

    • It varies quite a bit. It only gets released when all of the jobs are done and we only have one or two people doing each job. Some jobs can be done at the same time, others can’t. Usually if someone can move on to the next volume once their job is done, so there’s some concurrency. People also have school and various life commitments which means they may not be able to work on things for long periods of time, so then that volume gets put on hold until they’re back or we can get someone else to fill in, which does not happen often.

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