3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion) Volume 11

Yay. All done. After working on this for 4 years, we’re finally all caught up. Enjoy everybody. Tell your friends. Get people to read it, it’s a real masterpiece IMO.

Next volume is slated to come out September 29th. So I’ll be working on translating from the chapters from the digital raws of Young Animal until then.

Edit: There was a page that didn’t save properly in ch105. I reuploaded it and updated all the links.

3-Gatsu no Lion Volume 11 (Ch105-114 + Fighter Spinoff)
Direct Download
Online Reader (Batoto)

29 thoughts on “3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion) Volume 11

  1. Sir, you are good. It’s rare to see a such motivated fan translator. Thank you, Sangatsu’s team, for your effort. Please continue translating and editing March comes in like a lion.

  2. Thank you so much for your hardwork. I really love the series.

    I notice an error in typesetting, can you recheck it?
    It’s in chapter 105, file “3gatsu11_c105_011”

  3. You guys are all amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work! Sangatsu’s one of my favorite manga out there right now, and it’s really because of you I can read it. So, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! o/ Handshakes and hugs for everyone!!

  4. You guys are the freaking BEST! There’s no words that i can use to tell you guys how much i appreciate and love your hard working in putting out quality scanlations! Thank you guys so very very much!

  5. :O You are literally the fastest manga translator I’ve known in my life.
    And did I say that I love you, because I do very much XD
    Thanks a bunch, really.

  6. Scans for the first two volumes of “3-gatsu no Lion Shouwa Ibun – Shakunetsu no Jidai” are available at the usual places, are you going to translate that too?

  7. Thanks! You’ve done an amazing at an amazing pace. Really all these volumes in just some weeks.

    I didn’t quite understand: you’re going to wait until the new volume is release on the 29th September before releasing the chapter you’ve already translated, is that right?

    • Digital public raws of Young Jump exist on the internet so it’s possible to READ them so I can translate them in advance, but we can’t do any of the other jobs without the actual volume which is a much higher quality source. Resolution and such is better plus stuff like cover/omakes.

      • Oh. Okay~
        Such a shame it’ll be released only on the 29th September.

        Are you going to post the translations somewhere?

  8. Thank you for all your hard work!! If I’m able to enjoy this wonderful and beautiful manga, it’s thank to you. =)

  9. Ahh! I specifically found your guys site just so I can say one thing. . .


    You guys have worked real hard to get up to this point and I have always enjoyed that your releases were like entire volumes rather than individual chapters. Thank you so so much for giving us Sangatsu no Lion, fan translations are hard work and it’s unpaid hard work at that! So keep it up and I can’t wait to see more releases from you guys.

    Until then!

  10. Hi! I’d like to ask: any possibilty that you will translate the spin-off, “3-gatsu no Lion Shouwa Ibun – Shakunetsu no Jidai”? And thank you for your hard work!!

  11. Yeyy….thank you very much guys for translating this great manga, there are not many translator out there who.re willing to pick up this manga, because of its difficulty when translating Shogi related stuff there…. anyway good work you’ve done there . .. 😀

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