81diver Volume 17

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Ok, we’ve got the next one of these done, much faster than the time it took for the last one. Thanks to high8sky anyhow.

This is a really good volume. It consists mostly of a battle of wills between Sugata and Jones Lee. One of the more memorable battles in the series, IMHO.

So, I just found out about this recently. They made a pachinko machine based on 81diver and it has some fully-animated/voiced scenes from the manga in it. I thought that was pretty cool, since it’s one way of seeing the series animated despite it never having an anime. Also this only just came out in January of this year (2017), which seems kinda odd since the manga ended in 2014. And the drama adaptation ended back in 2008. There were also a couple video games in 2009.
Pachinko and pachislot machines in Japan are kinda crazy. They’re a weird form of entertainment that work like slot machines in casinos. Crazy stuff with loud flashes and sounds, often done with a screen and a theme like this.

Here’s a PV they made for it:

It’s even got Michelle Gun Elephant songs.

There’s more on the site here: http://www.taiyoelec.co.jp/user/pachinko/products/81diver/feature.html

There are videos of the game being played on Youtube. This one shows most of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wolgiMzGSNs

This one’s pretty thorough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqaPW3YYdOI

Search CRハチワンダイバー on Youtube if you wanna find more.

Some of it even has scenes from this volume! There may be some slight spoilers like a couple characters that haven’t appeared yet there, but you wouldn’t really be finding out anything ABOUT them story-wise. (It’s mostly just a bunch of loud flashes and dramatic shouting type of scenes). So check that out after you’ve read the new volume, if you’re interested.

81diver Volume 17 ch169-178
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6 thoughts on “81diver Volume 17

  1. That ending… Man I wanna know what happens next. The series hasn’t even passed the halfway point?

    Thanks for another great volume!

  2. It’s 35 volumes so we’re ALMOST at the half-way point. Half way through V18 would be the half way point. high8sky is working on getting more done fairly soon. I’m trying to finish The Book so I can translate the rest of the series (I’m on V24).

  3. I’m loving this series, reading the volume in one go is quite the experience, it really pulls at you. thanks for the scanslation!

  4. Thanks a lot, one of my favorite manga, to think that I haven’t even read half of it yet – so exciting!

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