JoJolion 72 and JoJolion Volume 16 (Ch63-66)

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Check out The Book! It’s a really great novel we released recently that’s a sequel to Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

Here’s chapter 72 everyone. It continues with the story of Jousuke and co’s efforts to harvest the Rokakaka.

Also we have our HQ version of volume 16 done. Right in time for volume 17 to come out, which we’ll be working on next. (As we mentioned before, once we are fully caught up we’re gonna go back and do v14 and earlier volumes)

Also JoJolion will be on a break next month and will most likely resume in February.

JoJolion 72
Direct Download
Online Reader (Batoto)

JoJolion Volume 16 (ch63-66)
Direct Download
Online Reader (Batoto)

4 thoughts on “JoJolion 72 and JoJolion Volume 16 (Ch63-66)

  1. Thanks a lot team.

    I was quite surprised to see Joubin actually did care for his family. So Joubin plans to cure his son huh? Isn’t it the mothers that usually do the sacrifice to cure her child? Also, that Ozone Stand was weird, it somehow reminds me of Grateful Dead, dunno why..

    A few question if you don’t mind:
    – According to filenames; page 100, 182, and 183 are missing? According to your chapter release, page 182-183 doesn’t exist though.
    – I noticed a few missing pages from volume release, mostly JoJo 30th anniversary illustration from Ultra Jump. I know it’s not part of the tanks, but could you please, by any chance, include them in your volume release?

    Last question… honest…
    While I was rereading Vento Aureo, I remembered about your plan to release Stone Ocean’s first 3 volumes (IIRC, I read about that here :

    Did you guys manage to do that? I searched this site’s project page but I couldn’t find anything about that.

    Btw, sorry for my weird English, it’s not my native language..

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