Gintama 668

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Gintama’s probably gonna end pretty soon. Which chapter? Your guess is as good as ours.
There’s opening color pages for the 14th anniversary next week though.

Gintama 668
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8 thoughts on “Gintama 668

  1. This one’s earlier than last one, Gintama is gonna end soon no doubt, the problem is, it will end at ch. 680? sheez… Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this chapter as always, and yeah, it’s too sad to acknowledge that gintama will be over in no time. It’s been a fantastic 10 years of laughing and crying together with them. May all’s well ends well for sorachi-sensei, ginchan & co, and also all the translator/scanlation/fansubber that make this masterpiece available for me… (TT ^ TT)b

  3. yanno..gintama is proly the last manga with wsj hero who’s NOT an adolescent..i remember those days where wsj consist of mature heroes,who’s badassery is already close to the max and do not needed to upgrade their skill, hence the author can skip the training and effort, and all those crap kids enjoy these days.. and goes on with the sweet stuff..and maybe flashbacks..
    takes for instance, ryo (CH), ryotsu (kochikame), ruroken, cobra, jojo, kenshiro, momotaro, train, etc..nowdays all WSJ heroes are kids..don’t get me wrong, it IS good, in its own way, but i just miss those days..maybe i’m just getting older..haha..

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