Sensei no Shiroi Uso Ch.10

I wrote up an introduction of the series here.

This one is chapter 10. The story continues to develop, I guess?

Again, this story has themes of infidelity, rape, suicide, gender inequality, blackmail, and murder. So be aware before reading.

Sensei no Shiroi Uso Chapter 10
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3 thoughts on “Sensei no Shiroi Uso Ch.10

  1. Man we are 10 chapters in and this is just not enjoyable at all, i guess there was a warning on your part and all, but i was hopping someone would have died by now to just balance out these feels, but nope the only thing dying is within myself as i read this.

  2. What are you talking about! For me it’s completely opposite – I tried to take a break from reading manga and webtoons and I missed this one the most 😀 so here I am unable to take a break and waiting for a next chapter.

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