Gintama 445

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Okay so here’s this. I really hated working on this chapter. It’s over 3,400 words, one of the longest chapters in a while, and it’s FULL of really hard to discipher references. I worked on this in all my free time for about 4 days to get it done. Anyhow, now we’re all finished, and I’m exhausted. I’ll be working on 446 and trying to get that done before the next chapter’s raws come out.

Gintama 445
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20 thoughts on “Gintama 445

  1. wow, thanks a lot for the chapter ..
    and .. i think you dont need to rush things off . . just take it easy 😀

  2. still waiting for volume 42 to close the gap so I can continue to read Gintama…thank you for every translated word and scanned page of Gintama and Toriko

  3. Thank you so much. I just wanted to say that I really very much appreciate your work. Thank you again.

    BTW, why isn’t there a donation section?

  4. Thaaaanks again ! You really do an amazing work, especially when you describe hard-to-understand-for-us-non-japanese jokes. You are good 🙂

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