12 thoughts on “Toriko 234

  1. Hey man i just want to sank you from the bottom of my otaku loving heart. Your the only one cranking out HQ scans of Toriko on a regular basis and i FUX with that. 😄

  2. Hey kewl, just wanted to express my word of thanks 🙂
    I don’t read Toriko, but I am close to catching up with Gintama. Your scanlations are of really good quality, with clean scans, accurate translations with references (the references kinda stopped in the anime when Rumbel subs began to lag in Gintama), appreciate your hard work for bringing out the chapters for us fans 🙂

  3. I almost absolutely have no time, but… Because of YOU I started read Toriko =___= Damn, what did you do to me and your love for this fandom, Kewl )))
    Soooo, thank you again and again for your hard work, you are amazing :3

  4. This chapter is great!! Thank you so much!!! Thank you for your hard work!!!
    It’s because of you that we can become Fans ;^; thank you so very much!!!

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