81diver Volume 13

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Whew, all done. It’s been a little while since the last one of these. Anyhow, this is a really great volume. One of my favorites, and one of the best characters in the series is introduced in it. I hope you all enjoy it. As usual, thanks a lot to high8sky for putting so much effort into cleaning, redrawing, and typesetting all of it.

And again, if anyone didn’t see before, there’s no Weekly Shounen Jump this week (The week of December 11th-17th). And it’ll be back next week.

81diver Volume 13 ch126-136
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4 thoughts on “81diver Volume 13

  1. I came from batoto to thanks you for your hard work on this this amazing manga.
    Really thanks a lot for doing this gold nugget.

  2. Amazing volume! This manga is really makes me bust a gut sometimes, but the plot/development of this volume was also extremely solid. Thanks so much for the release!

    Incidentally, the mating puzzle was also really neat. I can only barely recognize half of the pieces, so I gave up on solving it after a couple minutes. It really blew my mind once I saw the solution at the end!

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